Valley Of Tirmir

More than any other, this album marks Deane's entrance into the new age fusion style. Drawing from his background in pop, rock, and jazz (to name but a few),

Valley Of Tirmir was a conscious effort on the artist's part to move his music into a more contemplative and creative arena. Using the best of all worlds,
he created this soothing, timeless album.


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Track List:

Valley Of Tirmir
Morning Sky
As I Thought IT Is
The Reply

Running Time Approxmately 45 Minutes


"Valley Of Tirmir" - Deane Delli-Bovi **** Technically and artistically impressive". Larry Hoyt, Syracuse Post Standard

"Valley Of Tirmir" - is exhilarating in it's calm. Delli-Bovi plays the synthesizer with subtlety and overcomes the stiltedness of multitrack recording with his engaging compositions." - **** Syracuse New Times, 10/89

"Valley of Tirmir" is heartfelt and moving. Spacious but not space music."
Heartsong Review - '89

'I just have to tell you how wonderful it was the other evening when my Gary and I listened to your "Valley of Timir" tape as we sat and watched a sunset turn to a starry night on the lake. Uplifting, the beauty of the moment, the clarity of God's love, nature at its finest... we watched and listened as the geese flew back to their resting place, and the fruit bats came out for their flight at dusk. We sat by the campfire as one star appeared, then a dozen, then a billion, a meteor shot by as an accent to our delight. All the while the music of "Valley of Timir" filled the air and our hearts. Thank you for the beautiful gift.' Lynn and Gary , Poughkeepsie, NY