Indawoods Audio and Treecastle Music Gallery are proud
to announce a brand new CD release.... Realm Two!

Realm Two is a joint creation featuring the talents of Deane Delli-Bovi and Kudzu.

It is approximately 60 minutes in length and is a superb blend of their respective talents. The music is entirely instrumental
and can be described as Sci-Fi/Fantasy. Rich, lush textures and breathtaking imagery lead the listener on a voyage of discovery
that mirrors the artists' most personal relationship to their craft. A very rewarding listening experience indeed!


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Overture in au 4U!

Thicket Dance

Track List:

Shadow Crossing
A Lost Star
Valley or Tirmir
Return to Zutaan
River in the Sky
Thicket Dance

Running Time 58:40 Minutes


"Realm Two was at our number ten spot on our December report to NAV.

It's a great album. Thanks!" - Keith Scott MD WVLS 89.7 FM

"Headphones are highly recommended for this deep space journey, as it is guaranteed to give rise to richly hued daydreams of epic proportions."
P. J. Birosik - The Monthly Aspectarian, 1/97

"You've all heard music and more than likely have been emotionally affected by it.
But have you seen music or even touched it? Sound crazy? You may not think so after you've heard, or shall I say, been to Realm Two. For many, the source of creativity is elusive. Does it's source reside within the shadows of Realm Two? I'm not sure.
I can only tell you there is something incredibly compelling in those shadows."
Judy Markworth, Wind and Wire Magazine, 12/'97

"In this album, Deane Delli-Bovi and Kudzu utilize electronics with great imagination, succeeding in creating musical structures far from the most usual trends and which besides happen to be melodic, bewitching. This work is an interesting combination of different elements, having a brilliant, homogeneous result.
S. Tomblin, Amazing Sounds Magazine, UK, 12/'97

"There is much to say about this Realm Two CD and the integrity of the intent behind it.
There is a feast of music here" - Azrael, Austin, TX