This instrumental album rests in between new age, easy listening, and light jazz.

Deane says he prefers to call it contemporary impressionism. It is easily accessible
to all, yet it does contains a great deal of imagery.

Deane offers this: "Consider this as an invitation to explore. In an age where very little is as it appears to be, and what is sensed cannot be expressed in words, this album is a series of impressions of what lies beyond The Third Pass."

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Sargaso Suite

Track List:

Journey To The Sun
Forbidden City
Sargasso Suite
A Dance In The Light
No Day At The Beach
Check Please
Remember Me

Running Time 54:10 Minutes


"The Third Pass" by Deane Delli-Bovi - This fourth release by Delli-Bovi is a joy. Pleasant, non-stressful melodies and rhythms with a variety of styles and sounds move along seamlessly. Some very slick production from an independent." - Jamie Woods, Synthesis Magazine - Summer '92 vol4, no. 2

"Haunting and beautifully compelling is the only way to describe the music on this CD. I can't praise it highly enough." - Ben Kettlewell, Artist/Airshifter/Reviewer for many national magazines including EM, Heartsong review, Dreamsword

"I give the The Third Pass a needle banging ten plus on my applause meter. Bravo!"
Ron Wallace-president CMC