Light jazz fused with new age undertones set the mood for this album which Deane dedicates to
"those that recognize themselves as they gaze into the Pool".

OASIS is a reflection in the pool ... a stop along life's journey.

Many of the pieces on this album can be heard on the PBS Series

"All American Jazz". Recorded live at WCNY-TV, Syracuse, NY.


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Track List:

Island Strut
A Sea of Time
Nothin' Atoll
Hue's Blues
Off Again
The Moment I Knew

Running Time Approxmately 45 Minutes


"Deane Delli-Bovi is a composer of enormous facility and improvisational range. The music seems to be an effortless creation, yet pregnant with hidden meaning.

It is a refreshing new approach of modal ideas and timbre qualities in an easy and accessible form for the listener to enjoy." - Walter J. Freimanis, professor of music, State University of New York

"It's creator is Deane Delli-Bovi, and the music he is creating is magical."
Chris Brock, "The Palladium Times", Oswego, New York

"This music transports the listener into a magical kingdom of inner reality.
The clean, crisp sound of color stimulates the imagination. This happy and serene experience of light and sound carries the listener to dimensions not yet explored."
Edith M. Aberle, "Arts in motion Catalog"