Each recording on this album creates its own distinct atmosphere. It's obvious that a fire and passion burns in Deane's heart. These new age fusion compositions are energetic and joyful.

"I could provide many quotes from reviewers, but that's at odds with the intent of this album, " Deane says. "After all, when the circle returns to the point of its origin you may find once again ..... it's what you make it."

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Track List:

Across The Line
So Infectious
Anthurium Room
So You Say
Night Passage
It's What You Make It
Nothin' Atoll* from OASIS

Running Time 43:11 Minutes


"Every time you listen you are compelled to study its various layers."

Steve Dalhquist WSUP Radio, Platteville, WI

"It's What You Make It" *** A seasoned and skilled musician brilliantly entertains with upbeat, sweet and longing melodies, rich in mingled sounds, generally
on the calm but always spicey and bright side. Lovely. - Acacia
Heartsong Review Spring/Summer '92 NO.12

"Deane's renderings grab your attention from the dizzying blizzard of insipid, electro-shlock. He offers strong composition that is beautifully conceived
and sonically well produced - well worth the listener's time."
Steve Krawitz - "Alternating Currents" - WESS-FM