Dreaming Inside Out is a remarkable mix of peace, energy, joy, and visuals that is Deane's trademark. From the title cut's soaring inward sojourn, through each of the distinctive musical excursions, to the fade on the last note of Fireflight, you will traverse a wide array of inner landscapes. Deane clings tenaciously to that which occurs through the process of creating itself. The end result is a respect for the listener's freedom and ability to judge these works for themselves. Enjoy the ride!

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Dreaming Inside Out

Track List:

Dreaming Inside Out
Cirrus Speaks
Dark Sands
Nature Of The Beast
Savannah Song
Last Of The Bohemians
Fire Flight

Running Time 59:47 Minutes


"Dreaming Inside Out" is Delli-Bovi at his best ... weaving musical fabrics as old as time (Cirrus Speaks) and as new as tomorrow (Savannah Song). This is the kind of music you close your eyes and follow. - Barry Shell, Treecastle Music Gallery

"Deane Delli-Bovi's CD, Dreaming Inside Out, could not be more stylistically different from his recent collaboration with Kudzu, Realm Two. Unlike that recording's strong visualistic ambient soundscapes, Dreaming Inside Out is an excellant collection of pieces that blend the accessibility of pop with the free wheeling nature of jazz in a glow of electronic keyboards to produce a very pleasurable listening experience.
Dreaming Inside Out is not "new age", "pop", "jazz", or any other easily classifiable genre. It melds some of the best qualities of all of those and what you wind up with is a catchy, infectious, occaisionally groove-tinged recording. I really enjoy listening to Deane and recommend this release to fans of non-ambient electronic keyboard music. With its occasionally propulsive rhythms, this should be great driving music!"
Bill Binkelman - Editor, Wind and Wire Magazine, 1/98

"All the tracks are warmly and sharply orchestrated and mastered. There's a definite thread of beauty and wonder which links all the varied songs together in this collection." Jeff Hall, CMC "Aftertouch Magazine"

"Deane Delli-Bovi is one of those rare artists who combines first rate
craftsmanship with daring innovation and wide ranging versatility."
Brian Earle, president of Clear Productions, Inc.